Large size touch screen

Interactive panel

Purpose of the equipment

A large interactive LCD screen is delivered on a mobile floor stand with wheels, which allows it to be used in several rooms, as well as a versatile tool for training sessions, presentations and videoconferences.

There are two options to choose from: with a diagonal of 81 or 108 cm. A rack with a larger diagonal has additional advantages, such as the ability to independently adjust the height of the fastening of the screen.


On the rack is mounted a powerful and compact computer with an Android operating system. The system is equipped with sound, WiFi, wireless keyboard.

In the standard set installed 80 of developmental programs, which are divided into 5 groups, namely: (1) physical development: 15 gaming applications for coordination of movements and motor skills development; (2) artistic and aesthetic development: 20 programs of musical instruments; (3) children's speech development: 5 programs of fairy tales; (4) cognitive development of children: 20 puzzles and logical conundrums; (5) psychological tests: 20 programs.


Users can install applications from Google Play and other stores.

You can assign tasks to our programmers to create new programs based on effective methods in every sphere of social pediatrics and business.

For example, we have implemented the author software "Correction program for the development of subject perception. Block 1. Wild animals».


The modular rack design allows you to connect additional equipment (available separately), including microphones for speech therapy sessions, Kinect skeleton controller, Leap Motion hand controller, Nintendo Wii console with balancing board, joysticks and laptops.

For inclusion classes, we offer the optional add-on of the second Windows operating system. Teachers can choose the system at startup and install their usual programs ("Visible speech" and others).

Want this rack

To order a rack, please contact us by phone (0512) 72-37-27 or (063) 144-84-24.

We accept payment with VAT and without VAT.

If the panel is bought on a rack, then installation is not required. The rack is supplied with parts for large-unit assembly, which is carried out for 15 minutes by two men without preparation.

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