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  • Exclusive bundling of each project
  • Manufacturer’s Equipment & Installation
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Support from concept to implementation
  • Staff training and after-sales service


  • Inclusive Resource Centers and Classes;
  • Rehabilitation facilities for children and adults;
  • Schools, kindergartens, entertainment and development centers.
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Interactive Room Briolight is a complete solution for rehabilitation centers. A set of psychological and physical correction equipment that is designed individually for the needs of each institution. The complex contains interactive devices for correction and training, produced by TM “BRIOLIGHT”, including: interactive floor, interactive wall, interactive sandbox, interactive panel, projection system of visual and sound therapy, complex development of gross motor skills, complex development of fine motor skills SOUNDBEAM device, logopedic mirrors, etc.

Products are created in collaboration with leading companies in the world. When designing a production company, not only the equipment composition, but also the technical characteristics of the system and the content are selected. Therefore, each system is unique and designed to effectively meet the requirements of the rehabilitation process at each institution.

All systems are designed for maximum control. After installation, we provide training and after-sales support for rhythmic and efficient operation.


SOUNDBEAM Development Device ®

Soundbim offers you an incredible way of exploring sound and music that encourages and allows people with all kinds of limitations to express their “I” creatively and play together in equal conditions. An additional movie embedding feature (using an HDMI port) opens up a new dimension to the Soundbird multimedia experience, in which your soundtracks can be added to any video clip available in the Soundbite movie library, or you can explore the relationship between visual and sound effects assigned switches and rays.

Gross Motor Development Complex

A large interactive or non-interactive screen with an optical sensor for detecting human body coordinates in space and transmitting them to correction software. Transfers the coordinates of the human skeleton to an interactive application that presents them in a game form. Systems of this type allow you to control the programs with the help of movements of hands, feet and trunk. The apps we create help solve problems of improved coordination, gross motor skills, and easy-to-practice praxis.

Fine Motor Development Complex

The system consists of a computer or laptop and a desktop sensor that captures the phalanx and wrist coordinates with a high accuracy of up to 50 cm. A series of applications has been created on this basis. intended for the development of praxis (recognition, planning and self-movement).

Interactive floor and / or wall

Interactive floor (wall) is an integrated projection image system and sensors that allow you to interact with the projection image on the floor (or wall) in real time. When creating complexes, we take into account the features of the rehabilitation centers. For example, projectors are used that can run continuously throughout the day, and have special high resolution matrices.

Interactive Sandbox

A projection sandbox that responds to human movements. Develops coordination, fantasy, includes elements of sensory-tactile therapy. Recommended for active phase of sensory rehabilitation, with limited physical capacity.

Interactive Dashboard

A large, 43-inch interactive LCD is supplied on a rack or wall mounted. The built-in computer includes didactic games and exercises aimed at developing basic cognitive processes, coordination of movements, praxis and gross motor skills. Helps to solve cognitive and corrective tasks. You can do it individually or in a small group.

Logopedic Mirror

Designed for corrective work with children, it has the ability to: record an audio fragment of up to 20 seconds without distortion and repeatedly play, overwrite and adjust the volume. The device is controlled by the buttons and controls on the body.

Other Devices

LED multicolor room lighting system, projection system, massage chairs, suspended chairs, frameless chairs, air conditioning, as well as furniture and furnishings.


SOUNDBEAM Development Device®:

  • Options: Solo, Group, Big Band
  • 11.6-inch interactive display module
  • Sensors with floor racks: up to 4 pcs
  • Wireless buttons set: up to 8 pcs
  • Microphone & Sound

Complex development of great motor skills:

  • Screen diagonal: 43 to 65 inches
  • Screen resolution: FullHD or 4K
  • Mounting: on a wall or on a floor rack
  • More options: Interactive rack integration
  • Number of effects: 2 to 25 correction programs

Fine Motor Development Complex:

  • Sensor type: radar type sensor for detecting the phalanges of both hands
  • Operating system: Linux or Windows 10 Pro
  • Correction and training software 
  • More options: Integration with interactive floor or wall

Interactive Floor / Wall: 

  • Continuous work time: 2 to 8 hours
  • Brightness: 4000 to 6000 ANSI lumen
  • Resolution: XGA (1024×768) to UXGA (1920×1200)
  • A proprietary system with two FullHD image scanning sensors (60 frames / sec)
  • Number of effects: 20 to 85 correction programs
  • The ability to create your own sets of tasks of varying difficulty for specific groups of children

Interactive Sandbox: 

  • Brightness: 3300 or 3500 ANSI lumen
  • Motion recognition and projected image interaction
  • Depth mode support
  • Wall-mounted interactive unit: 530 x 400 x 200 mm
  • Floor sandbox: 700 x 1120 mm
  • Overall height: 700 mm
  • Sand capacity depth: 200 mm

Interactive Panel: 

  • Diagonal – 43 “
  • Size, mm – 973 x 573
  • Screen resolution: FullHD, 1920×1080 pixels
  • Multi-touch function: Multi Touch at least 10 touches
  • Electrical wire length not less than 5 meters
  • Number of developing applications: 5 to 80

Logopedic Mirror: 

  • Recording time, seconds: up to 30
  • Mirror surface size: 30×30
  • Overall device size, cm: 25x25x35
  • Power Supply: 12V via the mains adapter
  • Light indication

Other Devices: 

  • LED multicolor room lighting system
  • Projection Correction System
  • Massage chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Frameless chairs
  • Air-conditioners
  • Furniture (tables, dressers, chairs, chairs)
  • Room decoration elements


Manufacturer Hotline: (067/050/063) 258-15-15 Mon – Sun, 09: 00-18: 00

Warranty: 12 months

Lieferung und Service

The interactive room can be purchased from the manufacturer or exclusive representatives. The manufacturer supplies and installs the equipment. To maintain the warranty, installation and adjustment is performed exclusively by Briolight specialists. The installer should teach the user the basics of the equipment and install the original warranty seals.

Oksana Shlenskaya
Psychological Aid Center
May 22, 2019
Our children are special, and we are anxious in organizing remedial classes. We try to ensure that the classes are effective, interesting, diverse and maximize their development. Briolight's products - Brіolayt meets our requirements and helps us get closer to our goals, making it possible to make the session as interesting as possible rich and useful. In the Briolight interactive sandbox, it is possible to build worlds that are interesting to embark on a journey. You can come up with different topics depending on the individual plan of the child. The interactive floor forms the reaction rate, allows using movements to develop the knowledge and skills that were previously available only at work at the table. For example, instead of paper games "combine object and silhouette" this can be done by actively moving and having fun. Motivation for such activities in children is very high! We are grateful to Briolight and hope that together we will have the opportunity to create many interesting new games.
Volodymyr Martynyuk
Ukrainian Medical Center for the Rehabilitation of Children with Organic Damage to the Nervous System of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
June 26, 2019
Long-term cooperation, which is already more than two years old, between the specialists of the Ukrainian medical center for the rehabilitation of children and Briolight shows on the one hand the effectiveness of this cooperation, and on the other hand confirms that these modern developments are really effective. Moreover, we see mutual interest. Practical recommendations of the center’s specialists help Briolight’s developers and specialists to improve their work. We are grateful to the company for being on the Ukrainian market, grateful that they supply an effective modern rehabilitation methodology in the rehabilitation process, and we consider it an honor to work with them and have the Briolight interactive room in their center.
Ivan Panteleev
Municipal institution "Center of FSM, material and technical and information support of educational institutions" of the Nikolaev regional council
May 07, 2020
According to the results of tenders that we held during 2018 for the purchase of equipment for various purposes for inclusive resource centers, the winner was Briolight. For a long time, the operation of machinery and equipment was not found to be defective; there were no warranty cases. Throughout the entire period, the company provides technical support for implemented projects, providing high-quality and efficient equipment maintenance and advises and trains new users. The head and specialists of the company are politely, correct, and are on mobile communications around the clock. We recommend the company "LLC" Briolight-Ukraine" as a responsible executor of the undertaken obligations.
Nadiya Shagai
Klevan Inclusive Resource Center
April 20, 2020
At Briolight, we ordered interactive equipment for our inclusive resource center: first, the Briolight interactive floor, and a few months later the interactive panel, as well as high-quality speech therapy mirrors. We want to note that the company’s representatives very quickly, at a high professional level, completed the order. In almost a week we already have the equipment. We are also pleased with the technical support at this company. They are always in touch, you can contact with any questions and get expert help. The equipment is of high quality, it helps our specialists to work with children every day, and interesting games encourage kids to regular corrective and developmental activities. We will definitely cooperate in future with the Briolight company. We wish her specialists good health, creative inspiration, new achievements and prosperity.
Darnytsia orphanage, Kiev
Darnytsia orphanage, Kiev
November 30, 2020
We use the interactive complex for more than a year - our girls are very happy) Everything is bright, interesting and easy to perceive. Both adult and young girls like to spend time in the room. Excellent development and relaxation)))) If there are any questions about the operation of the complex, the team easily explains everything and helps, very polite and friendly. Thank you !!!

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