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Interactive floor Briolight

The group of companies under the trademark "Briolight" has been developing innovative electronic equipment for 15 years: interactive floors, interactive LCD panels, interactive sandboxes, logopedic mirrors and other products.

Our equipment is created by a Ukrainian team involving scientists, doctors, educators, psychologists, engineers, programmers and designers. Experts of technical and medical faculties of Ukrainian universities are involved in the development. Approval of products, medical opinion on the effectiveness, development of indications and contraindications are conducted jointly with the GU "Ukrainian Medical Center for the rehabilitation of children with organic lesions of the nervous system of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine", Kyiv. The equipment meets the modern requirements, it is recommended for use by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Our products:

Serial and individual products for digital rahabilitation and inclusive education

Value offers

  • 15 years of experience in the implementation of complex technical projects;
  • Guarantee and post-warranty service;
  • Ability to create unique equipment and software on a special order;
  • Collaboration with customers for continuous improvement of products;
  • Cost savings in case of complex orders;
  • Different forms of payment, favorable financial conditions for regular customers.
  • The most advanced optical system does not require constant settings.
  • High-quality Ukrainian-language software and convenient management.
  • Unique interactive effects with 3D models, videos and special effects.
  • The research involves the best specialists, rehabilitation centers and universities.
  • System of urgent support by phone and on the Internet.


Join the many of psychologists, rehabilitologists, and teachers who increase work efficiency using the of Briolight interactives!

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free delivery of Briolight equipment

Online Stores:

You can buy our products online:

  1. Rozetka

    ph. : +38 (044) 503-80-80; (044) 573-02-22

  2. Prom.ua

    ph. : +38 (050) 258-15-15; (063) 258-15-15

  3. Промтехнотоп

    ph. + 38 (067)-75-49-348

  4. Centur

    ph. : +38 (050) 300-38-42

  5. Elizlabs

    ph. : +38 (0412) 22-54-53; (050) 410-63-22

  6. Квіти життя

    ph. : +38 (097) 531-46-65; (096) 454-47-82

Certified installers

To maintain the warranty, the equipment should be installed by certified installers

Anatoly Lukavy
+38 (097) 181-80-06
Mikhail Borisov
+38 (067) 194-36-37
Alexander Zaloga
+38 (050) 327-33-02
Evgeny Dyachkov
+38 (099) 227-33-23
Anton Kulyabka
+38 (066) 323-41-83
Production of Ukrainian Interactive

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