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Interactive speech therapy mirror

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  • the only interactive speech therapy mirror in Ukraine
  • built-in camera to capture progress
  • 30 speech therapy exercises
  • developed together with speech therapists and speech pathologists


Areasof application:

  • Inclusive resource centers and classes;
  • Rehabilitation facilities for children and adults;
  • Schools, kindergartens, centers of entertainment and development.
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Mirror with video and audio recording function– is a new interactive tool for speech therapists, speech pathologists and psychologists. Innovative development of the Briolight company in 2021. Developed for the purpose of correction and elimination of speech defects in children. Develops articulation, pronunciation of sounds, consolidates sound analysis skills, enriches lexical topics. Suitable for working with children from 4 years old.

It combines a mirror and a computer on which you can reproduce exercises, your own presentations, videos, audio fragments.

The built-in camera allows you to record progress, pronunciation and share it with parents and patients. As an independent product intended for speech therapy classes. But as part of the rehabilitation complex, Briolight works as a multifunctional correction device and allows you to connect controllers of fine and large motor skills, to work as with a regular computer.


All children are born with the desire to play. Our product increases the productivity of classes thanks to the external gamification of development, correction and rehabilitation methods. In addition, we digitize popular techniques and make them more user-friendly.

BRIOLIGHT Correction software is installed on the logo mirror, which includes 30 effects for speech therapy and speech rehabilitation.

Users also have the opportunity to install additional programs, download presentations, video clips and audio files.


Versatility and flexibility

The built-in camera allows you to record progress, pronunciation and share them with parents and patients. The modular design allows you to connect additional equipment (supplied separately), including: gross and fine motor controllers, an interactive metronome, microphones for speech therapy classes, as well as cameras, joysticks and laptops. And also use it like a regular computer.


Children’s safety

Ease of maintenance for long-term use. Thoughtful design for trouble-free operation. All products have CE certificates and certificates of compliance with pedagogical requirements of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine. Developed together with Ukrainian scientists, specialists and parents.

Own scientific research

Briolight has a corporate science program in which we explore new opportunities related to the penetration of electronics into education and rehabilitation.

Approbation of products, development of methodological recommendations for education, medical opinion on effectiveness, development of indications and contraindications are carried out in the best rehabilitation centers and universities using a network of interactive research centers.

Training and support

We understand that customers need reliable systems and a minimum of worries about the technical component. We teach how to work with the equipment after installation. There is an urgent telephone support service and remote assistance via the Internet. We carry out equipment cleaning and maintenance. Software can be updated via the Internet (see “Extended Warranty”). The benefit is obvious: equipment is purchased once, and its functions are constantly updated and expanded.


Briolight interactive speech therapy mirror



Processor: AMD Athlon (2 cores, from 2.3 GHz), video card integrated Radeon Graphics. RAM: 8 GB.

Hard disk: SSD 120 GB.

Ports: 2xUSB 3.2; 2xUSB 2.0; 1xHDMI.

Keyboard and mouse, camera, microphone, 2×3 W speakers, WiFi, Windows 10 Pro (64-bit).



Diagonal at least 21 inches.

Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD).



Unlimited license for Briolight interactive software (at least 28 interactive games).

Interface and effects language: Ukrainian.

Voice accompaniment in Ukrainian.

Delivery and service

The interactive logo mirror can be purchased from the manufacturer (call the numbers listed on our website) or exclusive representatives. The manufacturer delivers and installs the equipment. In order to preserve the warranty, the mirror is serviced exclusively by Briolight specialists.

The BRIOLIGHT interactive logo mirror is a complex system that includes innovative technologies, so it is impossible to independently identify the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it without the necessary knowledge, experience, and components. If problems arise during the operation of the equipment, we recommend that you contact the “Briolight” service center (contacts on the website: briolight.com).

As a manufacturer, we recommend servicing twice a year. But the regularity of service depends first of all on the cleanliness of the premises, and secondly on the intensity of use.

We draw your attention to the difference between the terms “warranty repair” and “maintenance”. The first term provides for the elimination of product defects that arose due to the fault of the manufacturer. The term “maintenance” is a periodic set of measures aimed at maintaining the basic parameters of the equipment during the entire period of its use.

To order service, contact the Briolight sales department or the service support phone number. Timely maintenance of the equipment is a guarantee of its serviceability and safety.

Anatoly Bosenko
K. D. Ushynsky South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University
February 07, 2020
I sincerely thank you on behalf of the staff of the Department of Biology and Health, for such a wonderful implementation of your ideas in the form of an anatomical table. The use of its capabilities in the educational process significantly increases the interest and motivation of students to study biomedical disciplines and, accordingly, raises the level of teaching and learning materials to a new qualitative level.
Nuzhnaya Elena
Petro Mohila Black Sea National University
May 23, 2018
We thank the development team of the anatomical table for the opportunity to visualize the human anatomy! Attention! Anatomists! The main thing is without hepatotoxicity! After classes, there is no feeling of "burnout", as it happens when working with material fixed in a pharmalin! Many THANKS from foreign students! They like to stick at the anatomical table!

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