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Interactive sandbox

Price:96 000 UAH та 145 000 UAH
model Briolight S and Briolight Е
with installation



  • Ukrainian Software
  • 3500 Lumens projector
  • 112×70 cm sandbox tray
  • Wall Mounting in a Single body
  • Lamp life up to 10,000 hours
  • Safe horizontal projector position

Areasof application:

  • Inclusive resource centers and classes;
  • Rehabilitation institutions for children and adults;
  • Schools, kindergartens, entertainment centers and development.
  • Museums, nature parks
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Briolight S Sandbox is an augmented reality device that creates a human-sensitive projection of real sand. The complex consists of a sandbox and a wall-mounted interactive block. The depth sensor measures the distance to real sand, the program processes the data received from the sensor, and the projector displays mountains, volcanoes, water and other virtual objects. Allows you to create your own landscape, perform exercises with your own imaginary world, which can be changed in an instant.

Our own design for rehabilitation complexes in touch rooms and inclusive resource centers. Recommended for active phase of sensory rehabilitation, with limited physical capacity. As an element of art therapy, it has been shown to relax adults in the event of fatigue and pregnancy.

The equipment is used for educational institutions, develops coordination, fantasy, includes elements of sensory-tactile therapy. The complex will be useful in training (geography, science). Contributes to the overall development of children. Innovative technology develops object and symbolic thinking, fantasy, coordination, includes elements of sensory-tactile therapy. Used in psychotherapy and psycho-correction.

Can be used individually or for small groups, for correction or entertainment purposes, as a independent tool or as part of a general program depending on individual needs.

A key element of the system is the unique Briolight software, which combines the individual elements into a single complex and allows you to use the sandbox for art therapy in educational institutions.

Briolight’s interactive sandbox range includes several products, from kindergartens and schools accessible to premium clinics and rehab centers. The Briolight S is designed for use in resource centers and schools. The equipment is mounted in darkened rooms, on the wall, at an altitude of up to 2.5 m. In the kit, we supply a set of toys. Custom bundles are available.



Towards the Future

All children are born with the desire to play. Our product enhances productivity through external gamification of correction and rehabilitation techniques.

Basic Features: Landscape play, artifact search, treasure hunt. It is possible to buy additional games for the development of children. For example, we created a Sea Battle game with joysticks of up to 8 players.

Many Tasks, One Tool

The system allows you to:

Developmental: promotes general motor skills and movement coordination; formation and development of communication skills. Development of speed of reactions, flexibility of thinking; development of mental processes: perception, memory, thinking, attention and imagination.

Wellness: improving central nervous system activity; promoting the normalization of the functioning of the body’s internal systems (such as the cardiovascular system).

Corrective: promotes the correction of the properties of perception (objectivity, integrity); development of cognitive functions (development of visual and motor memory, development of visual-effective and visual-thinking). Promotes the formation and development of the child’s self-regulation skills.

Educational: Ability to respect play partners, establish friendly relationships with them, and enjoy working together; formation of personal qualities: independence, tolerance, responsiveness, perseverance and endurance in achieving the goal.

Choosing Learning Models

Individual classes: the child must do the exercises on the desktop on his own. Pair classes: Two kids can work on the same class at the same time, at speed. In this way they compete with each other in knowledge, speed of reaction, skill and so on. Group Classes: Up to 6 children can work on the desktop at a time. Classes in two small groups: two teams with several children can do the task at the same time.

Technologically advanced products

A unique two-camera optical system that does not require constant adjustments throughout the year, high-quality Ukrainian software that incorporates scientifically sound techniques, convenient controls, bright images, adaptation to power grids, projectors with Ukrainian menu and quick shutdown system.

Child Safety

Durability and fire safety thanks to the company’s unique body with a horizontal projector. Eye safety with non-shimmer projector matrices. Ability to easily open the housing for dust removal. Serviceability for long-term use. Thoughtful design for trouble-free operation. All products have CEE certificates and certificates of conformity to the pedagogical requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Your own research

In 2016, we launched a corporate science program exploring new opportunities for electronics penetration into education and rehabilitation.

Product testing, development guidelines for education, medical opinion on effectiveness, testimony and contraindications are conducted in the best rehabilitation centers and universities using a network of interactive research centers. >

Learning & Support

We understand that customers need reliable systems and a minimum of technical concern. We learn to work with the equipment after installation. Emergency telephone support and online help are available. We carry out cleaning of equipment and maintenance. Software updates via the Internet are possible (see “Extended Warranty”). The benefit is obvious: equipment is purchased once and its features are constantly updated and expanded.



Briolight S model

Interactive Software

  • Interface and Effects Language: English
  • Support for 3D objects, animations
  • Unlimited Software License
  • Software upgradeable over the Internet


  • Brightness: 3300 ANSI lumen
  • Contrast: 15,000: 1
  • Resolution: 1280×800 px
  • Color reproduction: 1.07 billion
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10
  • Lamp duration: up to 10,000 hours (eco mode)
  • Ukrainian Projector Menu
  • Projector Instant Shutdown

Control Module:

  • CPU speed: 3.2 GHz
  • RAM: 4GB DDR4
  • Internal memory: 120 GB SSD
  • Power supply of at least 400 watts
  • Communications: LAN RJ45, Audio 3.5 Jack, USB, Wifi
  • Two AAA remote controls


Interactive Wall Block:

  • Dimensions without packaging: 530 x 400 x 200 mm
  • Package sizes: 600 x 470 x 265 mm
  • Net weight / gross: 9.7 / 11.5 kg


  • Room dimensions: 700 x 1120 mm
  • Overall height: 700 mm
  • Sand capacity depth: 200 mm
  • Case Material: Particleboard
  • Body color: light oak

Optical System:

  • A proprietary system with two FullHD image scanning sensors (60 frames / sec)
  • Infrared diode
  • Motion recognition and projected image interaction
  • Depth mode support


  • Interactive Wall Block
  • Sand container
  • Remote Control
  • A set of toys and tools
  • User’s Guide
  • Warranty card

Manufacturer Hotline: (067/050/063) 258-15-15  Mon – Sun, 09: 00-18: 00

Warranty: 12 months

Delivery and service

The Briolite S online sandbox can be purchased from the manufacturer, its closest representative, or online stores. The seller ships and assembles the equipment.

For the purpose of maintaining the warranty, installation and adjustment is carried out by certified personnel only. Their list is published in the section ‘about us’. The installer should teach the user the basics of the equipment and install the original warranty seals.

Elena Bragoi
Kiliya, Odessa region
October 16, 2019
Installed an interactive floor and sandbox. Thank you very much for the quality and skilled work! Success in work, new creative solutions !!!
Marina Romanenko
Regional landscape park "Priingulsky"
August 6, 2019
Indeed, a multimedia sandbox can be used to consolidate knowledge on the creation of landforms, "manual" modeling of natural processes, such as floods, landslides. Brings a modern tone to children's leisure. Proven in practice.
Julia Rudomanenko
Children's Clinical Sanatorium "Hadzhibey"
June 27, 2019
An amazing interactive sandbox was installed in my psychologist’s office from the company “BRIOlight”. With great enthusiasm and great pleasure today I tried it in working with children. It is easy for children to create an amazing fairy-tale world, as well as create natural landscapes. As a result of manipulation of sand under the hands of a child, rivers, seas, forests, mountains, deserts arise, which are populated by figures of animals and people. The child feels initiative and competent in creating his own model of the world in a miraculous sandbox, thanks to which, today, in practice, I was convinced of this, self-confidence is growing! And positive emotions reinforce such important qualities of character as perseverance and determination to achieve the desired! Children with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy are a big help and support for finding motivation for recovery!
Oksana Shlenskaya
Psychological Assistance Center Ravnovesiye
May 13, 2019
A magical interactive sandbox from Briolight has appeared in our garden. Children from the Sun group became the discoverers of her miracles. The sandbox makes it possible to create your own unusual world, which can be changed in an instant. The depth sensor measures the distance to real sand, the program processes the data received from the sensor, and the projector displays mountains, volcanoes, lakes, rivers. Thus, we play fun: we create a variety of landscapes, looking for artifacts and treasures; and develop coordination, imagination, tactile sensations. We look at how the developmental lesson in the correctional group “who lives where” went.

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Advantagescooperation with us

  • Our cost includes staff delivery, installation and training.
  • Products are always available. Delivery and installation within 1-3 business days.
  • The only full-cycle manufacturer located in Ukraine.
  • Our products have been tested in well-known institutions in the country.
  • Own scientific and methodological research, engineering work, production, service and assembly units.
  • By certain parameters, our products are well ahead of today’s world analogues.
  • The work involves national scientists, educators, engineers, IT specialists, designers. Clients have the opportunity to join a corporate science program.
  • Service support always helps to solve problems through remote access, instant messengers and by phone.
  • We place great emphasis on the safety and convenience of our products.
  • We use only high-quality components from world-renowned companies. Production is certified.
  • We can create custom bundles and deliver complete solutions.
  • We have been specializing in electronic solutions for 12 years now.

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