Augmented reality for art therapy

Interactive sandbox

Purpose of the equipment

We offer an interactive sandbox of Ukrainian design as an element of a rehabilitation complex in sensory rooms and classes of inclusion. Also tested in play areas, museums, holiday homes.

Innovative technology that allows you to create your own world. Develops coordination, imagination, includes elements of sensory-tactile therapy.

Promotes the overall development of children!

Principle of operation

The depth sensor measures the distance to the actual sand, the program processes the data received from the sensor, and the projector displays mountains, volcanoes, water and other objects. The sandbox makes it possible to create your own world, which can be changed in an instant.

Basic features: game with the landscape, search for artifacts, treasure hunt for time. Possible purchase with additional games for the development of children. For example, we created the game "Battleship" with joysticks up to 8 players.


The equipment is used for sand therapy - a form of art therapy, which is used primarily for young patients.

It is shown in the active phase of sensory rehabilitation in the active phase with limited physical capabilities, is widely used in psychotherapy to solve various therapeutic problems.

Approbation of products, a medical opinion on the effectiveness, the development of indications and contraindications are conducted jointly with the Ukrainian Medical Center for the Rehabilitation of Children with Organic Affection of the Nervous System of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kiev.

Features and safety


  • Projector from 2500 lumens with wall mount;
  • Control computer with interactive optics;
  • Sandbox 70 x 112 cm or other size according to customer's request.

The equipment is mounted in darkened rooms, on the wall, at a height of up to 2.5 m. In the kit we supply a set of toys. Individual complete sets are possible.

We manufacture sandboxes in Ukraine exclusively from certified components that meet all safety requirements.

Price range: from 80 000 UAH to 150 000 UAH.

Want this sandbox

The basic price of a sandbox with delivery and installation: 95 000 UAH without VAT.

To order a sandbox, please contact us for further details by phone (0512) 72-37-27 or (063) 103-35-35.

We accept payment with VAT and without VAT.

As a rule, installation and commissioning are organized by Briolight or its certified dealers.

Our Projects

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