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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about interactive floor

What is an interactive floor?

It is a system of projectors, sensors, with unique software that includes a large number of exercises that contribute to the development of cognitive processes. Thanks to this, the image is projected onto the floor and can be interacted with.

How is the installation done?

A box solution that includes a projector, sensors and a computer is placed under the ceiling, the height of which should be three to five meters – the higher the ceiling height, the larger the projection is created. Professional installation of the interactive floor is carried out by certified installers.

What are the effects of interactive floor?

The presence of educational and corrective projections is the main component of a quality projection floor. Briolight, in conjunction with educators and psychologists, have developed a number of effects (more than 80) that are required for childhood development. And our programmers have added the ability to modify and adjust these effects, to be able to use them for different children, with different skills. In addition, our software has entertainment effects that are used in the mall and children’s rooms.

What is the size of the projection of the interactive floor?

The size of the projection depends directly on the height of the ceiling. With a standard ceiling height of 3m, the projection size will be approximately 1.3 x 2m. It is important to clarify that the maximum ceiling height for the installation of this equipment is not more than 5 m.

Is it possible to create new effects?

Creating effects is a long process that requires the teamwork of a psychologist, educator, programmer and designer. Every year, we update our effects collection, but if you have ideas of your own, then you can reach out to our specialists, and as far as we can, your idea will be realized.

How much will the interactive floor work?

The main component of the projection floor of the system is software that does not break. On the structural elements (projector, cameras, others), the company – manufacturer provides a guarantee, if necessary, performs maintenance of the interactive floor, with the replacement of defective elements, with new ones. After the warranty is over, you can still contact our technical support, but in this case repair or replacement of components will not be free.

Frequently asked questions about Interactive sandbox

What does a sandbox kit consist of?

The complex includes a wall unit with a projector, control module and sensor; sandbox body for sand; a set of toys for studying different groups of animals and instructions with methodological recommendations for use by psychologists.

What is the sensor for?

This element is necessary for measuring the distance to the sand, after which the data received from the sensor is processed by the program, followed by the projector displaying plains, mountains, seas and other objects.

How to install a sandbox?

The interactive unit is mounted on a wall at a height of 2.8 meters by specially trained installers. The case itself with sand is installed on the floor.

For how many people is the sandbox designed for?

It can be used both during individual lessons with a child, and for small groups of children. In the standard version, the sandbox is designed for a group of no more than 6 children, if the sandbox is not located against the wall.

For what age audience is an interactive sandbox suitable?

The complex is suitable for children over three years of age and older, as well as for adults, as art therapy.

What are the sizes of the sandbox?

Interactive sandbox from “Briolight” is equipped with a capacity of 1120 x 700 mm. Sandbox height: 700 mm, including 200 mm capacity depth. Dimensions of wall electronic unit: 530 x 400 x 200 mm

In what place is it best to install a sandbox?

To obtain a high-quality, bright and clear image, a container with sand should be installed in darkened rooms, without direct sunlight on the projection.

What kind of sand is used, how to clean it?

Quartz sand is used as a container filling. If you want to replace sand or the quantity has decreased over time, and you want to buy it, then this can be done with us. Just call our manager.

Frequently asked questions about panel

Where are interactive panels used?

In schools, kindergartens, inclusive and rehabilitation centers. But you can also buy a panel without our software package for installing it in stores, offices, warehouses or shopping centers.

What is it like?

This is a kind of advanced powerful computer with Android or Windows, including exercises and games that develop cognitive processes, coordination of movements, motor skills, praxis. The panel is placed on a floor stand equipped with wheels that provide equipment mobility, which allows you to move it to any convenient place.

Why do I need a panel?

This is a device for interacting with information that adds interactivity to the learning process. With its help, you can not only display tasks, questions, exercises or presentations on the screen, but also simultaneously solve them directly on the screen without additional tools. Roughly speaking, this is a very large tablet that is adapted for education and rehabilitation, thanks to our software.

How is management done?

The interactive panel is controlled with the touch of a finger. Note that our panel simultaneously accepts 10 touches. This allows you to organize work with the panel immediately to a group of people.
Can I connect additional equipment? Yes, the interactive panel allows you to connect a laptop, microphone, balancing boards, motor controllers (small, large). Additional equipment is supplied separately.

What is the diagonal of the device?

The interactive panel has a diagonal of 80 or 108 centimeters. These sizes are most convenient for classes with children.

What is the difference between the Briolight interactive panel and models from other manufacturers?

The main feature of our Briolight interactive whiteboard, which is not in other panels, is Kinect technology, which we recently successfully implemented.

How to change the application language?

Briolight does not affect the availability of applications in the Ukrainian language, since some offers are not our own developments. In this case, the language is set by another company. Most applications are developed in English or Russian, as this expands the geography of users. But Briolight is working on creating its own counterpart, to ensure convenience. Note that now in a sufficient number of programs in Ukrainian already works on our panel.

How to install the panel?

Installation of the interactive panel is carried out by the buyer, since the design of the interactive panel and stand is very simple. But our experts can conduct a telephone consultation if you have questions. Installation requires a basic set of tools and two people.
You can get more detailed information about the interactive panel by contacting the company’s specialists.

At what age can children be taught using the interactive panel?

You can conduct classes using the interactive panel with children who have reached the age of three and older.

Can I install programs from the Play Market myself?

You can independently install paid and free programs from the Play Store on it, thereby finding more and more new programs for training and correcting their existing violations.

Is it possible to use the interactive panel as a way of video communication?

Yes. Our panel can be used for remote conferences, meetings and distance learning.


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